FAQ 常見問題


購買後如何配送?What shipping methods are available?
- 如訂單不足$300會以順豐快遞(運費到付)方式配送,服務費用詳情請向順豐快遞查詢。 If below $300 only SF Express (Paid by receiver) are available. For service charge details, please contact SF Express.

- 於本店消費滿$300即可享一次性免費配送服務(以順豐快遞或易送遞服務隨機發送)。Enjoy one-time free delivery service with any purchase over $300 (Randomly sent by SF Express or Smart Post )
如何可以免費送貨?How to qualify for free delivery?

​- 購物滿港幣 $300,即可享免費送貨服務。 Free delivery is applied on orders HK$300 or above. 
配送覆蓋那些地方? Where do you deliver?
- 只限香港地區並視乎順豐快遞/易送遞服務 (偏遠地區部份或收附加費用) 詳情請向順豐快遞/易送遞查詢。We provide delivery service to addresses within Hong Kong region and depends on SF Express service. For additional charge details, please contact SF Express.

- 順豐快遞 SF Express > https://www.sf-express.com/hk/tc/dynamic_function/waybill/

- 易送遞 Smart Post > https://www.hongkongpost.hk/tc/mail_tracking/index.html





有哪些付款方式? Payment methods?

付款後什麼時候會收到貨品? When will my order be processed

- 一般2-5個工作天內會發貨。 Normally will send out your parcel within 2-5 working days.




可以取消或更改訂單嗎?Can I cancel or modify my order?

一旦完成結帳,訂單即成立且無法被取消或修改。Order established and cannot be cancelled or modified once checkout.

什麼情況可以申請換貨? How to get replacement of faulty or wrong goods?

- 除非貨品原本有品質問題或被錯誤派遞,否則我們不接受換貨要求。 而換貨時商品必須維持原本狀態,包括原本的招紙價錢牌及包裝等。We not accept replacement request unless the product was defective or was delivered incorrectly. All goods must be maintained in the original packaging with the price tag when replacement accept.

- 如要申請換貨,請於收貨計三日內(包括假日)將個人聯絡資料、換貨產品及原因電郵到enquiry@e-muse.com.tw

To apply for replacement, please email your contact info, replacement product and reason to enquiry@e-muse.com.tw within 3 days after received the products.
- 木棉花香港對換貨郵寄時的一切延誤和貨品損壞或遺失不承擔任何責任。 We shall not be liable for any loss or damage during delivery of the replacement.






為什麼要註冊成為會員?Why Register?
​- 我們會定期向會員發送最新商品資訊、特別商品預售消息及優惠。Registered as a member will receive the latest product information, special product pre-sale notification and special offers.


MUSE COMMUNICATION  (H.K.)  LIMITED has the absolute right to amend, delete or supplement any of above terms and conditions at any time without giving prior notice to the customers